Coupon Tips: Where To Get Coupons

Beth emailed with this question about where to get coupons in Denver:

I have recently moved to Denver and am having problems finding where to buy weekly coupons. Does the Sunday Denver Post carry the coupons? Are these at all major grocery stores?

Welcome to Denver, Beth!  Yes, you’ll want to subscribe or buy the Sunday Denver Post to get the weekly grocery coupons.

Other area newspapers get coupon inserts, but they usually get smaller coupon inserts with not as many coupons.  It looks like the RedPlum inserts that come in the Post are the same as the ones that come in the Boulder Daily Camera or the Longmont Daily Times, but the Smartsource insert that comes in the Post is exclusive to the Post – all of the other papers get a smaller insert.

You should be able to find the Denver Post at grocery stores and gas stations, though not all carry it.  In my experience, almost all King Soopers stores have it, but Safeway is hit-or-miss.  You can also usually get it at a 7-Eleven or Kwik Shop.

I subscribe to one delivery of the Post, and then usually stop at a gas station on the way home from church on Sunday to pick up a few extra papers if there enough coupons to warrant the $1.50 cost of the newspaper.


  1. I get both the Daily Camera and the Post and can verify that they do NOT have the same coupons. I get the same inserts but it’s a different version of each with some overlap but unique coupons in each one. So I would consider subscribing to more than just the Post if you’d really like to have the best shot at getting the coupons you want.

    • Interesting! I based that information on the fact that on the side of the RedPlum insert, it lists what newspapers it’s apart of. It has the Post, Camera, and Daily Reporter – but I wonder if the Smartsource is different?

  2. OK, yep, just checked: the Smartsource that comes to the Post is exclusive to the Post.