Target Coupons: Can I Use Them At Other Stores?

A reader emailed with this question:

I just had a question on the Target coupons. Do other stores honor them, or can you only use them at Target?

Typically other stores won’t honor them if they are a Target store coupon, which most of their printable coupons are.  But, on occasion some of the printable coupons they have on their site will actually be manufacturer’s coupons, which you could redeem at other stores.

Sometimes Target’s printable coupons that state “manufacturer’s coupon” still have the Target logo on them, though, and some stores may not accept them because of that.

The same goes for the coupons that Target sends out to a lucky selection of people on occasion – they are store coupons, and can only be redeemed at Target.

I got a mailer of Target coupons a couple of weeks ago and it had some awesome coupons in it: ones for $1 off any brand of chips, any brand of bread, etc.  Unfortunately, I have no clue how to get on that list, or I’d for sure tell you!


  1. i was wondering about this too, just now. mmm.. hope we know whether it’s a target/manufacturer’s coupon before printing. :D

  2. Donna Parker says:

    I was a bit disappointed as someone suggested I go to Target to print coupons. Unfortunately, I could not tell which ones were manufacturer coupons or only for Target. Out of five that I printed, only one was an actual manufacturer’s coupons. Some of the coupons I recognized from so if you are looking for additional coupons for a certain product, after finding it on, it probably is a manufacturer coupon. Otherwise, it was a big waste of my time, paper and ink.