Eat Well, Spend Less: 8 More Perspectives

I’m so excited to be partnering with such an amazing and varied group of bloggers for the Eat Well, Spend Less series.  I just read through everyone’s post for this week’s installment and I’m definitely going to have to go back and read them through again – there is some great inspiration and encouragement in these ladies’ posts!

Katie’s post titled When To Splurge, Settle, And Skip was a great encouragement to me, and is a bit the same direction that we are headed, though she’s a little farther down the road than I am.  She buys organic beef, but is OK with buying Breyer’s ice cream as a special treat. It’s all about baby steps!

Mandi said the first step they took towards improving their diet was simply to add more produce.  Yes, yes!  This is where a lot of us need to start.

Tammy favors Costco for saving on food costs, and gives some guidelines to make sure you’re saving money by shopping there.  She also has some great tips for storing your bulk purchases.

Alyssa shares some ways to get coupons for healthy food – yes, there are coupons for organics and healthy foods!

Aimee has a bunch of great recipes for homemade pantry staples like dressings, syrups, broths, and more – so much cheaper to make these yourself and make them healthy than buy the “healthy” varieties in the store!

Katie has a great list of homemade dry pantry staples, and offers sound wisdom to decide which items you’d rather make and which you’d rather buy – don’t try to do it all!

Shaina will soon be sharing how to plan menus and using the same food item in multiple meals – can’t wait to read her advice on this.

One of Jessica’s strategies is to avoid expensive items – but then, also allows herself a splurge on good coffee!  She shares a great all-around strategy that is much like my own, and as always, communicates in such an encouraging way.

And if you missed it yesterday, check out my post on Simple Steps To Get Started Using Coupons.  I believe that using coupons should be a means to an end, not the goal in itself, so I’ve shared some strategies that anyone can put into practice, even if you decide you don’t want to use coupons at all.

Stay tuned for everyone’s top 5 meals from the pantry, coming next week!