Eat Well, Spend Less: Making The Most Of Where You Live

The past week in the Eat Well, Spend Less series, all nine participating bloggers shared how we make the most of where we live.  Even if you don’t live in these particular areas, I’d encourage you to read these posts to get your brain thinking about different, creative ways you can apply each person’s principles to save wherever you live!

And, if you have friends or family that happen to live in each of these regions, you may want to take a minute and email them a link to these other posts if you think it might be helpful to them!

The first thing that pops into mind when I hear California is “high cost of living”.  Jessica shares her strategies for saving in this expensive state, and isn’t too shy to share her budget numbers!

Alyssa shows you how to save money on groceries in Texas, including a couple of great resources for buying locally or buying in bulk.

I love Tammy’s strategy for planning for healthy eating by preparing meals, snacks, or parts of meals ahead of time.  I’m starting to do this more, and it makes getting good, healthy food on the table so much simpler!

I’ve never really thought much about visiting Canada, but Aimee’s post about how she grocery shops in Canada made me think I might like to visit just to shop some of their markets!  Her beautiful pictures make it worth a read, even if you’re nowhere near our neighbors to the north.

Katie from Kitchen Stewardship is in Michigan and shares a strategy for taking advantage of all four seasons.  Some of her food preservation ideas are super helpful if you’re motivated to take advantage of the summer bounty that we do get here!

Mandi lives in “the boonies”, but still keeps her grocery budget reasonable while not spending hours driving around to various stores or clipping coupons.

Katie from Good Life Eats sticks to two stores to minimize the time spent grocery shopping so that she can focus on being with her family.   I identify with this a lot – I used to shop around to get all the deals, but working 30+ hours a week at home has made me need to budget my time better.

And, I shared how I shop at 10+ different stores to get the best deals.  Colorado may not have a long growing season, but the grocery deals are plentiful!

Big giveaway coming on Tuesday!

Stay tuned – tomorrow all the Eat Well, Spend Less bloggers will have a great giveaway from the Kroger family of stores – and you can enter to win on each site!

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  1. Andrea Herrmann says:

    love to kroger, tom thumb and albertsons shop late on friday nights. After a long week at work, my friend and i , armed with our coupon organizer, go and have a wonderful time finding all the deals we can and feed our family the best and cheapest way we can. It gives you the feeling of accomplishment and to see the kids faces when we come home with great food and to see the smile on my husbands face because i saved money makes it all worth it! I can also finish up my trip matching what was out of stock at walmart. even though they do not double i can still get some good deals on occasion~!

    • Only a fellow couponer would say this, but I think that sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night! :)