Eat Well, Spend Less: Dozens Of Tips On Food Storage

The Eat Well, Spend Less series continues this month with tips on food storage.  If you’re wondering what food storage has to do with eating well and spending less, well, it has everything to do with that!  It doesn’t matter how great of a deal you get on food that is delicious and healthy: if it spoils before you get around to using it, it wasn’t a deal at all!

Here’s the tips from nine bloggers about how to store food to maximize shelf life, how to organize your pantry, how to store bulk purchases, and more.

Image from Simple Bites

Amy from Simple Bites shares how to store pantry food for maximum shelf life, and gives us the scoop on what types of containers she uses to store different kinds of food to prevent spoilage and allow easy access.

Katie from Good Life Eats was braveshe showed us an Extreme Pantry Makeover, daring to show us pictures of her pantry before and after organization – and has some great tips to get you motivated to makeover your own pantry.

Shaina from Food For My Family showed how she stores food for a family of six on somewhat limited storage space, and has some good suggestions on how to prioritize for your limited (or non-existent) pantry space.

If you need a laugh, Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom gets real about how not to organize a pantry.  Love the honesty!

Jessica from Life As Mom shares motivation for keeping a tidy pantry – if you get a great deal on something, it’s not a great deal if you lose track of it and don’t use it!

Image from Good Life Eats

Katie from Kitchen Stewardship is the queen of recycling: she has an awesome strategy for storing bulk purchases without spending a lot of money!  I need to get some of those free containers she mentioned so the rice and popcorn that’s currently in 25 and 50 pound bags in my basement are actually accessible.

It’s no suprise that Mandi from Life Your Way not only has a section on food on her blog, but also on organizing – she’s suggesting I keep a pantry inventory?!  If you’re in need of a kick in the pants to get your food storage organized, read her post!

Image from Tammy's Recipes

Tammy from Tammy’s Recipes is a loyal Costco shopper and shared some strategies for storing purchases from Costco and is experienced at storing those purchases with not a lot of space!

And, I shared how I live without a deep freezer – yes, it’s possible to buy in bulk and save money without a gigantic freezer!

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  1. The bakeries inside King Soopers will often give you their 5 gallon frosting buckets for free. I have gotten half a dozen over the years to store all of my bulk food. They are food safe and have tight fitting lids.

    • OK, I HAVE to do this – I’ve heard of people doing this before, but I haven’t made a point to ask. Thanks for the reminder – I know I would get lots of use out of a few of those buckets!