Coupon FAQ: How To File Store Coupons

A question about organizing store coupons from Cyndi:

I am using a modified version of your coupon organizer, and I really love it. I do have one question for you, about it, though. How do you file store coupons?

For instance, if I have a coupon for Bounty paper towels, but it’s only good at Target. Should I put it in with all the other paper towel coupons? Or would it be better to have a separate folder just for the Target coupons?

Ah, great question! I haven’t ever found a perfect way to handle store coupons, but I typically file them by product, instead of by store. It just seems like it’s easier to go to the product folder if you are looking for a paper towel coupon, rather than have to look at the paper towel coupon folder and the store coupon folder.

Here’s how I store my coupons!

Also, think of it this way: if you knew there was a store coupon for paper towels, but couldn’t remember which store it was, you’d have to go through all your store coupon folders to find it. If you filed it with the other paper towel coupons, you’d be able to look in one place.

Of course, then there are those store coupons like Walgreens Instant Value Coupon Booklets… I personally don’t shop at Walgreens a ton, but when I get those booklets, I typically just keep the booklets in the top of my coupon box because they have such a short lifespan and I really don’t use them that often.

I don’t mess with filing all of those coupons since I’ve found it’s just as easy to get those particular ones out of the booklet when I see that there’s a deal from that booklet.

How do you keep track of store coupons versus manufacturer’s coupons?