Giveaway: $25 King Soopers Gift Card

Note: a comment on ANY post will enter you into the giveaway – if you’ve got a comment about another post, please to leave the comment on that post instead of on this one. :)

Who couldn’t use an extra $25 to spend on groceries?!  When I was at the event with King Soopers last week, they gave me a $25 gift card for myself and one to give away to one lucky Denver Bargains reader, so we’re going to do that right here on the site this week!

Here’s the deal: all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on any post on  You could share which summer reading program you like best, you could give some ideas for cheap vacation destinations around Denver, you could tell how you plan to rack up as many gas rewards as possible at King Soopers… Any comment left on the site through Monday, June 13th at midnight is eligible as an entry, and you can comment as much as you want!

The only rules are that you must leave a comment of at least six words in order for it to be considered a giveaway entry, and it has to be saying something more than “This is the coolest site ever!”.  Got it?

On Tuesday morning we’ll randomly select a comment as the winner of the $25 King Soopers/Kroger gift card.  Good luck!


  1. Melissa says:

    That is a great giveaway – thank you!

  2. I like to shop at King Soopers. (7 words)

  3. I would love a gift card! King Soopers runs some great sales on organic produce.

  4. Think of how much gas this would buy with stacking you King Soopers fuel rewards!! :) gas prices, boooo…. your website, yeaaaaa!

  5. Jessie C. says:

    This is going to be great to stock up on drinks for incoming events.

  6. Best part about the new gas rewards is that if you plan on going out to eat check King Soopers for a gift card to the restaurant you want to eat at and you get double the points!

  7. Awesome, Carrie. King Soopers is my preferred grocers – though I do stock up on meat at Albertsons when they do their B1G2 sales – and I LOVE your weekly savings posts. Two weeks ago, I saved 49% off my ticket! Last week I bought some of the All laundry detergent (and I plan on getting some Surf this week too) plus some paper goods that I needed (store brand, no coupons) and saved 40% just by using my laundry coupons. Love this!

  8. Elisa B. says:

    We love shopping at King Soopers as it is our neighborhood grocer. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

  9. King Soopers is by far the best grocery store in Colorado. They have the best prices and the friendliest employees. Plus, the fuel points are awesome! Our family is headed to a National Dance Competition my daughter qualified to compete in at Disneyland in a couple of weeks and we will definitely be stocking up on food for the trip and gas points at King Soopers ;-)

  10. I love shopping at King Soopers, especially at my Longmont location. I love that they double my coupons and have so much on sale all the time. I like the new idea about earning more points for the more you spend, but I want to save more than I spend, so I guess I will never make it to $1.00/off a gallon cause I can’t and won’t spend that much in a month.

  11. Love, love, love King Soopers and their friendly employees. I mainly shop there because they double coupons (yeah, King Soopers!), but being able to earn $1.00 off a gallon of gas is a GREAT reward, especially because of rising gas prices!

    On a note about this site, love the great tidbits of savings you guide us all to!

  12. Nice, thanks for the giveway, that could go pretty far at Kings! Save it for a mega event.

  13. The Kroger Family of Stores is my first choice for grocery shopping! We have several nearby locations; the closest less than a mile away :)

  14. Sharon W says:

    Hmm, if I won a gift card to help pay for groceries, surely my husband should agree that I can spend the $25 I saved elsewhere, right???? Too bad a house cleaning service costs way more than that!

  15. This would be a valuable win!! I’m a huge King Soopers shopper and and extra $25 wouldn’t hurt ;o)

  16. Oh, it would be a HUGE help to win this gift card! Our grocery bill is getting out of control lately with the price increases :(

  17. Coleen Walsh says:

    thanks for all your help saving money! i am getting addicted to all the great sites out there and it is nice to have one special for denver.

    PICK me for the Giftcard PLEASE!!

  18. Thank you for the giveaway. Love gift card.

  19. Dana R. says:

    I am new to this site, it was given to me by a friend. And I am in love!! It’s nice to have one place to get all of this info!! Thanks!!

  20. At the King Soopers at Castle Rock Mariani dried fruit is $2.99 regular price and with the save $1.50 coupon on 2 it is just $.75 each – and I think that is a 5!

  21. Jolly time popcorn is buy 4 boxes for $5.00, and with the coupon for $.50 (expires 6/30) doubled that is just a quarter a box at King Soopers right now.

  22. Beth Gustas says:

    Love the site and would love the gift card! One inexpensive “vacation” destination we’ve been doing with our young daughters over the last few weeks is to take a “park tour” of local parks and playgrounds on weekends. Its cheap (other than gas and picnic stuffs) and they love it! We’ve found several neat playgrounds this way as well… (Anderson Park in Wheat Ridge and O’Kane Park in Lakewood are our favorites so far.)

  23. Nancy McLaughlin says:

    The Kids summer camps at Apple sound awesome! Thanks so much for posting. I had not heard of these before and we are big mac users in our house!

  24. I just moved to the Denver area and I love King Soopers. They are an excellent grocery store with good deals!

  25. My oldest daughter did the Apple camp last summer after she got her camcorder for Christmas. It was great as she now knows how to use it with her Apple laptop. Highly reccomended!

  26. Jessica T. says:

    I have an 8 year old son who is growing and eating like crazy! A Kroger card would be awesome!

  27. Brittany Trujillo says:

    King Soopers is my favorite store to shop at and with a family of 4 and a new baby in the house a $25 gift card would be incredible. Thank You !!!

  28. times are tuff and every little bit helps i only shop at kings soopers and i love the store and would love a gift card

  29. I love King Soopers in Aurora. If you shop wisely, you get great deals…Not to mention the quality is wonderful.

  30. Dan Garbett says:

    Does anyone know if the 1-2-3- rewards DEBIT card is available in the Denver area? I am in Brighton.

  31. Jill Orsatti says:

    Denver zoo has group deals for 10 people or more which drops tickets about $2 each person, children under 2 are free. . Thought that was great.

    Thank you for this great website, very helpful in saving money!