My Newspaper Subscription Ended, But They Keep Delivering Papers!

So you’ve reached the end of your newspaper subscription and decided, for whatever reason, not to renew. But they keep delivering a paper to your driveway just as before!

You think, “Surely there’s some mistake – they’ll figure it out soon and will stop delivering.”

But, no, they won’t stop delivering for several months, and you’ll start receiving invoice after invoice.  What to do?

Image Credit: Jayme Heimbuch

As much as I love the coupons that come from the Sunday paper, I am not a fan of their subscription renewal tactics. Almost all newspapers use this tactic of continuing to deliver papers well past the date your subscription was expired and continually sending renewal invoices.

If you do choose to renew, you’ll end up paying for every single one of those newspapers they delivered after your subscription was up. In fact, they’ll probably charge you for those newspapers anytime you try to renew or start a new subscription up to about six months after your subscription ended.

Yes, it’s sneaky, and no, I would not pay for those newspapers if you do not want to renew if they were the ones who chose to keep delivering after the subscription ran out.

What can I do to stop receiving invoices after my subscription has expired?

You can either let them keep delivering the papers and sending you invoices – after all, the newspaper is the one who is delivering the papers after your subscription is up – or, if you do not want to continue receiving papers after your subscription has ended, you will need to call the newspaper and tell them to stop delivering papers when your subscription is up.

If you have subscribed to the Denver Post through this site, or have subscribed in any other way, and do not want to receive invoice invoice after your subscription is up, you’ll want to call them when your subscription is done and tell them to stop delivering the paper.  They will continue delivering it and sending you full-price renewal notices for months on end unless you tell them to stop.