Eat Well, Spend Less: Ideas For Turkey Leftovers, Allergen-Free Recipes, And More

This month’s Eat Well, Spend Less theme was Thanksgiving, and the EWSL ladies have a ton of great ideas and inspiration for you!

  • Frugal Holiday Dessert Ideas and Tips from Shaina at Food for My Family.  No need to feel guilty about sugary desserts and the money you spend to make them – Shaina has tips for creating desserts that will only leave you guilty about the sugar, not the cost. :)
  • Recipes For Leftover Turkey from Katie at Good Life Eats.  Does anyone really like leftover turkey?  Katie has some ideas beyond just heating it up in the microwave with leftover gravy.  Turkey Subs with Artichoke and Sun Dried Tomato?  Ah, much better.
  • Do Your Holidays Focus On Family, Food, or Fighting? from Katie at Kitchen Stewardship.  A gentle reminder that if you eat super healthy 80% of the time, it’s OK to avoid fighting and family fueds over food choices the other 20%.
  • One Turkey, Four Meals from Aimee at Simple Bites.  I love the idea of breaking down the turkey before cooking it.  A turkey is so huge and different parts of the turkey really have vastly different optimal cooking times, so why not cook the pieces separately so that the white meat isn’t dried out by the time the dark meat is cooked through?
  • Tips for a Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner from Jessica at Life As Mom.  Jessica dared to suggest that maybe turkey isn’t essential to Thanksgiving if other cuts of meat are more budget-friendly instead, and has some simple reminders about not going overboard on Thanksgiving.
  • 10 Recipes for Turkey Leftovers from Amy at Kingdom First Mom.  There’s some Mexican and Italian-style recipes in the list, yum!
  • Tips For A Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dinner from Tammy at Tammy’s Recipes.  It makes so much sense to make as much as you can ahead of time so you’re not stressing at the last minute.

And if you missed it earlier, check out my own post on Setting An Elegant Thanksgiving Table On A Budget and last month’s post about stocking up at holiday grocery sales!