5 Simple Ways: 10 Bloggers, 10 Topics, 50 Ways

Last week on Springs Bargains, I joined up with nine other bloggers for a series called 5 Simple Ways – a handful of simple tips on our chosen topics, which included everything from photography to organizing!

Here’s a roundup of all the 5 Simple Ways posts and a brief synopsis of each:

  • 5 Simple Ways To Save More By Wasting Less – I’ve recently realized just how much money I waste and I’m on a mission to curb that this year!  From finishing unfinished projects to preserving pennies now so I can save dollars later, click on over to read about my strategies for wasting less.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Organize Without Spending Big Bucks – OrgJunkie has some great tips on how to meet your organizing goals without a $500 trip to The Container Store.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Accomplish More Each Day – nothing you haven’t heard before, but probably everything you need to be reminded of!  Follow these five simple tips and accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions will probably come much easier.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Pictures – one of my recent goals was to get photobooks done for every year since we’ve been married, plus a wedding album.  I’ve got one left, so I’ve almost met that goal, and you wouldn’t believe how good it feels!  This post has some good ideas and inspiration for doing something, anything with your photos.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Occupy Preschoolers – as a mom of eight, Connie knows her stuff when it comes to keeping kids busy.  Guess what: you probably have all of the necessary supplies in your house already!
  • 5 Simple Ways To Update Your Home Decor – Myra has great ideas for doing just one or two projects that can transform a room, breaking out of the mindset that you have to completely redecorate to gain a fresh look.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Save Money – ah, yes.  Toni’s last tip on getting organized to save money? Spot on.  I recently found several hundred dollars that I hadn’t been paid and didn’t realize it until I started getting our accounting a bit more organized.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen – Lynn shares the basics on saving money in the kitchen.  This is a back-to-basics year for me, as grocery prices are rising and I don’t have as much time to coupon shop as I used to, so these were great reminders fo rme.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Wardrobe – Jen is my fashion idol.  She can make anything look great and has an eye for spotting great deals!  I loved her admonition to get rid of what doesn’t work so you can focus on what does.
  • 5 Simple Ways To Stress-Free Couponing – though I disagree with her first point about how to file your coupons (I think filing by insert ends up taking more active time and attention than clipping and filing), Jenny has some great tips to help you keep from getting overwhelmed by couponing.

Hope you enjoy the 5 Simple Ways series!