King Soopers Weekly: Free, Cheap Dental Care + New Mega Event

Another “Buy 10” event starts tomorrow at King Soopers – unfortunately, I’m not really seeing a lot of great deals with this event.  Note that on this promotion, you’ll save $3 instantly + receive a $2 catalina for every 10 participating products you buy.  Make sure you spend those $2 catalinas before they expire!

You can get some free and cheap Colgate products if you hurry and get to the store before the coupons expire on February 18th!

These deals are valid February 15-21, 2012. [rss-cut]

This List Has Expired
Daytona 500 Savings Event: Buy 10, Save $3 Now + $2 Later
Meat, Dairy, and Frozen
General Grocery
Household and Personal Care

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  1. I think your math on the Breyer’s ice cream is wrong. After the .50/each discount, it would be $2.69. If you loaded the $1 e-coupon to your card during the last promotion, final price is $1.69, no?

  2. I got a flyer from King Soopers called a “mymagizine” that has a bunch of coupons in it that match up with this weeks deals. I’m thinking these won’t double even though they say “manufacturer coupon” since they came from king soopers. I got:
    75 cents off purex
    75 cents off best foods mayo
    50 cents off any 2 m&ms 2.83-3.4 oz
    40 off poptarts 12 cnt
    75/2 hotpockets
    50/1 ragu
    $1/3 chunky soup
    There was more but those seemed to be the best deals to me anyway. These seemed to make some of the above deals even better.

    • @ Penny,

      I got flyer too. Check the 1st number of those coupons, if it starts with a “5” it SHOULD dbl no problem. If it starts with a “9, 0 or 1” it’s a King Soopers store coupon & won’t dbl. Remember they only dbl up to $1.00. Hope this helps.

      • Wow! that makes some of these a much better deal! Some won’t change, but the ones that will double will be a great deal! Thanks for the tip about the “5”