Safeway Coupon Policy Change For Colorado: No More Overage

A month or so ago, Safeway changed the official coupon policy on their website. Overall, it seemed to clarify some things like the use of manufacturer’s coupons when meeting a minimum purchase requirement to reach a reward threshold, which is nice!

However, it appears that Colorado Safeway stores have some additional requirements which are not consistent with the corporate policy. Several of you have commented about your experiences with coupons that are for more than the value of the product (for instance, some were not able to use $1 off coupons for Pom Wonderful juice when it was on sale for $0.99 a few weeks ago).

Sheri emailed with this info:

There has been a change in how coupons will be handled for the entire state of Colorado. I tried to redeem a rain check for the POM wonderful juices at $0.99 and they wouldn’t take it because my $1 coupon was more than the price of the item.

When I explained that their corporate coupon policy allowed for a adjustment on the coupon value so that I didn’t get overage, the store informed me that they have made a district wide change and that they will no longer adjust coupons value down.

I called customer service and after a lot of hoops on her end, she finally confirmed for me that this was changed for the entire state. Basically if the coupon scans, you are fine but for anything where they would have to modify the value and anything that doesn’t scan, we are now out of luck.

I know that some of you have had no trouble with this type of situation, but many have. For now, we will continue to give you the matchups even if they result in a coupon needing to be adjusted down, and will try to include a note that the scenario may or may not work at some stores. You can always price match at Walmart to get the same deal!

Read Safeway’s full coupon policy here, or visit our Safeway FAQ page for more Colorado-specific info.


  1. That’s terrible. It doesn’t make sense to me that they wouldn’t simply adjust the price of the coupon so that it matches the value of the item. By not taking the coupon altogether, it would seem to me that they’re going to lose some business.

  2. not only are they going to lose business, they are going to lose money. It is not as if Safeway is not reimbursed for the face value of the coupon. In fact, they are given an additional .08 for each and every single coupon redeemed (I assume for the trouble of sticking it in an envelope and mailing it to the manufacturer).

    Why is it that stores are making this so freaking difficult?? it is not as if couponers are trying to ‘rob’ the store and it is not as if the store is not being compensated for our coupons.

    This is why I only shop at Kings and Albertsons. Safeway just continues to chap my ass.

  3. So when she said “for anything that doesn’t scan”, does that mean if we get the angry beep, we are out of luck? Even if the item is priced more than the coupon? The angry beep seems to happen a lot more often with internet coupons than sunday coupons.

    • Ron: Yes (according to the customer service person that I spoke with) the angry beep means the coupon will not be accepted.

      • My safeway can never get internet coupons to scan, yet my king soopers never has problems with them. So I guess they won’t let me use internet coupons either :(

        • That’s kind of lame that safeway won’t accept the coupon if there is the angry beep. You never know which coupons that will happen to and I would say a number of items I get because they are on sale and I have a coupon (I wouldn’t get the item otherwise because it’s nearly free or I would at least consider another brand if I knew ahead of time the coupon is useless). Maybe we should start a list of stores that people can still use $1 off on 99 cents and stores that will push through the angry beep coupons.

          • That also brings up BOGO coupons…they beep and prompt for the cost to be put in…While they are legitimate, they do BEEP, so if the policy is interpreted strictly those coupons could have issues as well…

            This just really seems like a knee-jerk reaction to issues that were cropping up…someone probably should have taken a bit more time figuring out how coupons work before implementing a crappy policy…

          • Hmm, good point – I *think* that a B1G1 coupon would bring up a different message than “not valid” or whatever a “normal” beep would be, but depending on how their cashiers understand it, they could reject B1G1 coupons with this policy, too. Agh!