Eat Well, Spend Less: Eating Well With A New Baby

This week’s theme for Eat Well, Spend Less was eating well with a new baby – naturally, three of us have had babies in the past month! Here’s a roundup of everyone’s posts:

Baby food is expensive, but you can make it yourself for lots less.  Mandi has great tips and recommendations for homemade baby food to fit your family’s style and your baby’s needs.  I ascribe to the method she calls “Just Don’t Make Anything”, because like she said, “making and feeding purees was a time-consuming task with four children under six years old!”

The queen of freezer cooking, Jessica from Life As Mom, is a natural author for her post about preparing food to celebrate your baby’s arrival, whether it’s celebrating with a candlelight dinner for two or celebrating by pulling a home-cooked meal out of the freezer!  (I can attest that doing that really does feel like a celebration, as I was actually able to get about a week’s worth of meals cooked before my most recent baby came!)

Aimee is covering the important topic of the postpartum diet, and yep, she even talks about the need for fiber. :)  I am ravenous after giving birth and while nursing so I definitely recommend thinking ahead and having good, healthy food in the house after you have a baby.

Amy has great tips for managing your family’s meals during all stages of pregnancy.  I am miserable about getting good food on the table while pregnant, but Amy has some great encouragement!

Tammy has some great tips for a no-work kitchen after Baby.  Tammy’s baby came a whole month early – I can’t imagine how much that would throw me off; I had one baby a week early once and it totally threw me off!  But her smart tips for spending less time in the kitchen would definitely make it less stressful.

Katie explores her journey with baby food and has some great suggestions for real foods for baby.  I’ve found the “baby led feeding” method to work well for our family – though until recently, I didn’t know there were books written about it – it just seemed to be what made sense to me and worked well for my kids!

Shaina has good advice on types of food to have on hand while you’re taking care of a newborn.  Having a well-stocked pantry with healthy foods will make it so much easier to get the nutrition you need and resist the take-out temptation!

And, if you didn’t catch it already, I wrote some tips for taking meals to a family with a new baby – and a few tips for receiving them, too.  That’s it for the March edition of Eat Well, Spend Less!