Eat Well, Spend Less: How We’ve Changed Over The Past Year

Have you been following along with the bloggers in the Eat Well, Spend Less series? We’ve been posting every month for a whole year now, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity the series has given me to challenge both my writing and kitchen management skills.

This month, we’re taking a look back to see how we’ve changed our cooking, eating, and buying habits over the past year or so:

  • Jessica from Life As Mom has started shopping at fewer stores and clipped fewer coupons in the past year, in addition to becoming pickier about what they eat. Sounds like a recipe for a grocery budget explosion but Jess knows how to keep it under control. Be sure to also read her posts on Good Cheap Eats about her grocery budget jorney.
  • Katie from Good Life Eats always inspires me with her beautiful food photography and is recapping her past twelve posts in the Eat Well, Spend Less series.
  • Amy from Kingdom First Mom has made some drastic changes in their eating habits over the past year, but she managed to soften the expense of buying healthier foods by getting coupon deals on things like toiletries and household items.
  • Tammy from Tammy’s Recipes has streamlined her kitchen duties and found having a chest freezer and shopping bi-weekly to be a great way to eat well and spend less. And wow, they’ve even been able to forage for some wild berries – fun!
  • Katie from Kitchen Stewardship pretty much keeps track of her real food budget to the penny. Nope, I’m not kidding – she can tell you exactly (ok, rounded to the nearest dollar, not penny) how much spent and where last year. Great inspiration for eating real food on a budget!
  • Mandi from Food Your Way says she’s gotten realistic about menu planning recently, realizing that she needs to choose simple meals for busy nights so that the thought of cooking is not so overwhelming and takeout is not so attractive. I am so there with her (except for us, it’s lunchtime that’s the struggle).
  • Shaina from Food for my Family took a look at how their deceision to purchase beef in bulk has helped their budget and their menu planning, as well as how they’re trying to look at moderation as a way of eating.

And, I went farther back than a year – a lot farther back, back to when I just had one kid! – and shared my journey that I’m calling “the life cycle of a couponer”.

I love getting sneak peeks into other people’s grocery shopping, cooking, and eating habits and I hope you enjoyed a look into all of ours!