King Soopers Weekly: Good Deals On Heinz, Kellogg’s Cereal + More

We’re starting to see a turning of the tide in grocery sales – this week King Soopers is having some deals on grilling items!  I’m not seeing anything too exciting, since we’re just at the start of summer grocery sales and I think the prices we’re seeing this week might get better, or at least will be seen quite frequently this summer.  But, if you need Heinz ketchup, there’s a pretty good deal.

And, they have some Kellogg’s cereal for $0.99 to $1.49… I’m starting to think that $0.99 is the new rock-bottom price for cereal; it hasn’t gone lower than that in quite awhile!

These deals are valid April 11-17, 2012. [rss-cut]

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Grill Night Deal: Spend $20, Save $5 On Your Next Order
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  1. I found a ton of great closeout deals today. You might want to look and see if your store has Kroger chicken nuggets marked down, I found them for $1.75 a bag! Also they had a few kinds of Kroger pudding and jello for $.22 each, Dream Whip (4 envelopes) $1.25, eggs were marked down to $1.00 a dozen, and Easter candy was 75% off, and some flavors of Smuckers jelly were $1.15.