Walmart: Van Camp’s Pork & Beans On Rollback

Walmart has Van Camp’s Pork & Beans on rollback to $0.53 (down from $0.84)!   I was a little floored the other day when I looked for Van Camp’s Pork & Beans at King Soopers and saw that it was over $1.00.  It’s been awhile since I’ve bought them since I had some left from last summer and I didn’t realize they were over $1.00, yikes.

I have no idea how long the Walmart rollback will last – my hope is that they’ll stay lower-priced through summer – but I bought eight since they were almost half of what they were on the shelf at King Soopers!

Here’s hoping they go on sale during the summer as they usually do.  I use Van Camp’s in Amy’s Baked Beans (I cook the other types of beans from dry beans and then freeze them – a big savings over canned beans!).


  1. King Soopers did have the large cans of 28 ounce beans for 1.00 this week making them cheaper than the small can.