Safeway Just for U Program: Free Eggs, Unadvertised Sales, And Dozens Of Juicy New Details

Last week, I was invited to attend an event for bloggers at the Safeway regional headquarters in Denver, to learn about their new Just for U program. I’ve blogged about their new program before, when it came to Colorado last month, but I learned a lot more about it last week so I’m excited to share the info with you.

First off, if you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for Just for U by registering your Safeway card online. When you do this, you can go into the Coupon Center and find your digital coupon for free eggs. Click to add it to your card and then use it next time you shop at Safeway.  They are no longer offering free eggs when you sign up.

Now, here’s tons more information about the Just for U program at Safeway…

The Just for U program has three main sections: the Coupon Center, Personalized Deals, and Your Club Specials. You will definitely want to check out all three sections as they have totally different information and ways to save! Here’s what you’ll find in each section:

The Coupon Center : : Safeway Just for U

This is where you can load digital coupons – both store and manufacturer’s – to your Safeway card. These haven’t really changed from how they’ve been for awhile; you can load the “Super Coupons” that are in the weekly Safeway ad to your card and the discounts will automatically come off at the checkout, and you can load other digital manufacturer’s coupons to your card here as well.

Most of these coupons are one-time use. Most of the Super Coupons/store coupons have a limit on them, just like they do in the weekly ad.

→ Combining digital and paper coupons

You may use a manufacturer’s coupon (paper or digital) with the Super Coupons/store coupons that you find here. You can tell it’s a Super Coupon/store coupon because it will almost always be for a specific price (this product for $2.50), not a discount ($1.00 off this product).

You cannot use a digital coupon with a paper coupon for the same product (unless you purchase two products – remember that the digital coupon will only come off once no matter how many you purchase).

This of course, brings up the question of what to do when your paper coupon is higher-value than the digital coupon. I asked Safeway this question and they said that the computer is supposed to determine which coupon is of higher value, and use that coupon. So, theoretically, if you bought a product and you had a $1.00 off digital coupon loaded, to your card, it would come off automatically. Then if you tried to hand them a coupon for $2.00 off the same product, the computer is supposed to recognize that the $2.00 paper coupon is a higher value and remove the digital coupon and accept your paper coupon. I think they called this functionality “Best Deal”.

→ What if my paper coupon is lower value, but higher value after doubling?

This question hit me a day after I attended the Safeway event, so I emailed for clarification on the issue of what happens when a digital coupon is a higher face value, but a paper coupon might be a higher final value after doubling. For example, you might have a digital coupon for $0.75 off loaded to your Safeway card. That is higher than the paper coupon you have for $0.50, but in Colorado, that paper coupon will double, ultimately being worth $1.00 off.

Here’s the response I got from Safeway:

The best deal between a paper and digital manufacturer coupon happens after the doubling. So, if they have a paper manufacturer coupon for $0.50 and their store doubles manufacturer coupons and they have a $0.50 electronic manufacturer coupon, the paper will win because it will be a total of $1 off.

Personalized Deals : : Safeway Just for U

This is really cool in that these are deals that are personalized for you based on your previous purchases. Not everyone will have the same deals in this section of the site, and you can’t transfer these deals to another person. They are based on your shopping habits, so only you can use them.

You do have to click to add these deals to your card; they won’t come off automatically until you click to add them!

Types of deals you’ll see in the Personalized Deals section

I currently have a personalized deal for Safeway pasta for $0.96. I’ve bought a fair amount of pasta at Safeway in the past, so this makes sense. If you haven’t bought a lot of pasta (or enough to meet the super-secret algorithim trigger to get this deal) at Safeway in the past, you probably don’t have this deal.

There are a lot of different deals in this area, what you get just depends on what you have bought in the past! At the Safeway blogger event, some people had a deal for avocados, but I didn’t. So, don’t get too pouty if you hear that someone has a Personalized Deal you want – you probably have a deal that they wouldn’t mind having, too.

Now, it’s nice to know that if there is a deal for, say, Oreos, everyone that gets the Oreos Personalized Deal gets the same deal. So, if the deal is Oreos for $1.99, everyone who has that deal gets that price – they don’t play favorites and give some people $1.99 Oreos and other people $2.50 Oreos. Not everyone will have the Oreos deal, but if you do, it’s going to be the same price as the other people that get the Oreos deal.

They indicated that this is where you’ll be able to score some special deals on things like produce or organic/special diets foods if you buy those things at Safeway. So, even if there aren’t coupons for those products, you can potentially get some great deals on those items in your Personalized Deals area.

Many of these deals can be used over and over again!

Some of the Personalized Deals are one-time use (you may get a deal for a free product from time to time, and that one will be one-time use), but many are valid for a couple of weeks or even a month, with unlimited uses!

For instance, my Personalized Deal for $0.95 Safeway Pasta is unlimited-use for an entire month, and I currently have a Personalized Deal for $5 off a $20 purchase of Rancher’s Reserve beef that is valid once per day.

What if there’s a sale price that’s better than my Personalized Deal?

If there’s a Club Special/sale price that’s better than the one you have in your Personalized Deal area, the system will give you the better of the two deals.

About the Walmart comparison prices

I really like this feature: many of the Personalized Deals have Walmart’s current price for comparison! Of course, as you know, Walmart’s prices vary greatly by region, so the first question I asked was where which Walmart they were checking prices at for this feature.

They try to check prices somewhere within about 30 miles of your main Safeway store, and you can find out which store they checked prices at – as well as the date they checked Walmart’s prices – at the bottom of the Personalized Deals page.

Your “main” or “home” Safeway store is automatically set based on the Safeway store you’ve spent the most money at in the past month or so. If there is something really random about your deals, or some of them don’t work right, you may want to check the bottom of this page to see if your home store is set to the right area. If not, call their help line and they should be able to help you.

Your home store can get messed up if you share a Safeway card with someone else – either by them swiping your card or using your phone number. It’s a good idea to clean up your card and make sure that you are the only one using it because it will mess up some of the stuff you see if your home store is set to a different store than the one you shop at (if it’s in the same region you’re probably fine, but if it’s in another state, there will likely be issues).

Now, for a caveat…

I had trouble logging into my Personalized Deals area yesterday. It’s worked great quite a few times before, but I kept getting a message that says the deals are not available in my area. This morning, it was fine and I was able to login. Hopefully they get this glitch fixed soon!

Your Club Specials : : Safeway Just For U

I totally did not get this feature until they explained it to me, and trust me, you will like it, so make sure you read through this. :) The Your Club Specials section is not just the weekly ad deals in a list format. The Your Club Specials section features all of the items that you have purchased in the past six months that are on Club Special in the store. A Club Special is a yellow tag sale price – obviously some of the sale prices are better than others, but if you’ve purchased it in the past six months and it’s on Club Special even at all, it will be in this section for you!

Some of the deals will be in the weekly ad, and others won’t. So basically, you are getting a peek at unadvertised deals for items that you might be interested in purchasing!

These deals do not need to be added to your card, and anyone can get them. They’re just letting you know what items you’ve purchased in the past six months are on sale just in case you need them.

(Since these aren’t deals that are for a specific person, please feel free to email me with any amazing deals you see in this section so we can add them to the weekly list!)

You can also see the sale dates on these deals, so you can know if they are ending that week or go on for a couple of weeks, which is really nice to help avoid trips to get a great deal on just one thing. If you know it’s good for another two weeks, you can wait until you have more items on your list or it’s a more convenient time to shop.

There’s a Just for U phone app!

One of the cool things about this program is that you can manage all your digital coupons, personalized deals, and club card specials from your phone. The app is pretty easy to use and I like being able to pull it up when I’m in the store to see what deals are on my card. It is available for both iPhone and Droid.

You’ll just need to sign up or use your login and you’re good to go with the app.

Got questions about the new Just for U program?

If you still have questions about Safeway’s new Just for U program, please feel free to ask in the comments or visit their FAQ page! (I think that their FAQ page may need to be updated; it excludes Colorado from the list of states in which you can receive the free eggs for signing up and I know that you can get them in Colorado.)

If you have any issues getting signed up for the program, call their customer service at 1-877-SAFEWAY and they should be able to help you. It’s a new program so of course there are going to be hidden quirks, but it seems like it’s going to be worth it to figure them out!

Go here to sign up and get your free eggs and see what goodies are waiting in your Personalized Deals!


  1. It sucks that manufacturer’s coupons are one-time use. :( When I was being erm, marketing to for this program within my Safeway last week, the guy explaining it to me actually said “so those people you see buying 12 papers every Sunday, they won’t have to do that anymore.” Obviously he was wrong, if we want to use 5 manufacturer’s coupons for 5 of the same product it looks like this program doesn’t help with that one bit, we’ll still have to buy 5 papers. Or possibly 4, if you want to use one on your card and the rest as paper.

    • Right, and I’m not sure that will ever change. Manufacturers probably don’t particularly like people being able to score a great deal on twelve items with paper coupons, and digital coupons are a good way to combat that. But, I don’t see paper coupons going away completely anytime soon, either, so I wouldn’t get too discouraged yet. :)

    • as you pointed out, all coupons are one time use. You could get multiple cards just like buying multiple papers.