Kleenex Cool Touch

Kleenex Coupon + Catalina Deal at King Soopers

I’m just about out of my supply of Kleenex from the last big sale we had, so I’m happy to see these deals!  First, there’s a printable coupon for $0.40 off three Kleenex facial tissue.  I don’t have anywhere specifically to tell you to use it yet, but I would print it now before it’s gone.

Then, I just got an advertisement about a new Kleenex catalina deal that’s going on at King Soopers, through the end of September: buy Kleenex tissue (50 ct+) between 9/3/12 and 9/30/12 and save up to $2.00 off your next order.  Buy five, get $1.00; buy six, get $1.50; buy seven or more and get $2.00 off your next shopping order.

Like I said, I don’t have any great deals to tell you about yet, but I would guess that with the printable coupon and the catalina deal going on at King Soopers, there will be a big Kleenex sale at some point in September!  I could be wrong – last year we had the same catalina deal, but in November, so who knows for sure.  I’m just give you a heads up. :)