Still Available! Groupon: $10 for $20 To Spend at Toys R Us

Update: it appears that lots of cities have this deal listed, and they are all a separate deal, which means you can buy multiples of these by visiting different cities!  I assume that this is the way Groupon intended it to work, since they definitely can prevent it by just listing it at one URL.  So, here are some more links where you can (probably) buy additional vouchers – just browse around to different cities to find even more:

Keep in mind that you can still only redeem one per visit.

Here is a super-hot deal from Groupon: pay $10 for $20 to spend at Toys R Us! The voucher is valid from 5 PM on Black Friday through Christmas Eve (if you haven’t used it at that point, it will be refunded) and is only redeemable in-store.

There are a few things excluded, like gift cards or assembly fees, but I don’t see any brands excluded which is great for some of those things that don’t go on sale often. Go here to claim this Groupon before it sells out!