King Soopers: Lodge Dutch Ovens for $49.99

Just a heads up if you’re looking for a good deal on a Dutch oven: King Soopers has the six-quart Lodge Dutch ovens for $49.99 again this year! The Lodge Dutch oven received a rating of “recommended” from Cook’s Illustrated. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Crafted from enameled cast iron, and like the Tramontina produced glossy, deeply flavored Belgian beef stew; fluffy white rice; and crispy French fries in the test kitchen. But the Tramontina oven’s larger capacity (6.5 quarts to the Lodge’s 6 quarts) and even lower price made it our preferred choice. – from

Note: the Tramontina oven they are referring to appears to be this one but it appears the price has gone up since they did this review in 2007.

Anyway, King Soopers has the red and blue ones for $49.99 through January 1st. Here’s more gift ideas for the person who loves to cook!


  1. I bought one for my wife last year and she loves it. While I wouldn’t put it in the dish washer, the enamel comes clean easily with a scrub brush and a bit of soap. It is great to use on a gas stove, but can be used on any stove type. I have a ceramic stove top, and the only thing they say is that you shouldn’t drag the pot across the stove top.