King Soopers Weekly: $0.50 Pomegranates, $0.99 Duracell Batteries + Mega Event Deals Continue

We’ve updated the Mega Event list with a lot of deals that you guys found, like Mom’s Best cereal for $0.49, Annie’s Mac and Cheese for $0.69, Skintimate and Edge shave gel for $0.75, free Dove Men’s Body wash, and lots more.  Check it out because there are a lot of new deals from last week’s list!

Also, I noticed in Sunday’s coupon inserts that King Soopers now has some sort of “Deal Boutique” in stores where you can buy discounted gift cards.  It appears that it’s a kiosk but I haven’t seen it in any stores yet.  Anyway, through the Deal Boutique you can buy a $100 California Pizza Kitchen gift card for $79.99 or a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card for $90.  Plus, these gift card purchases still earn double fuel points!

Finally, a few of the new deals that you can score this week include POM Wonderful pomegranates for $0.50 after coupon and Duracell batteries for $0.99 after coupon. Remember, these deals don’t start until Wednesday!

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These deals are valid November 7-13, 2012. [rss-cut]

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Buy 10, Save $5 Mega Event
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More About How The Ratings System Works

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  1. At my King Soopers in Parker Mt. Olive Pickles are included in the buy 10 save $5 sale. The price after those savings is $1.49 a jar. If you can find any jars with hangtag coupons on them it makes for a great price of under $1 a jar

  2. Yoplait simplait is only $.50 each. Use $.30 off one to score them for free!!

  3. Abbey Rose says:

    If you signed up for savings card membership the Dove+men body wash is actually 2.50/1 making that deal a money maker =)

  4. Erin Marine says:

    The refrigerated Jell-O 4-packs (pudding and jello) were 1.99 at my KS. I bought 6 with three of the coupons listed above, and received a $3 Catalina at the register. (1.49 ea out of pocket, but like paying .99 ea.)

    Also, Power Bar has a catalina coupons also – Buy 6-9 = $1; buy 10-14 = $2; Buy 15 or more = $3. The PowerBars are on sale for $1 this week.

  5. Just an FYI Kings Soopers does not Double electronic coupons:

    Double Coupons

    Manufacturers’ Coupons 50 cents and below will automatically be doubled. (Unofficial note: coupons that range from $0.51 to $0.99 will be multiplied up to $1.
    Doubling does not apply to the following:
    Retail Food Store Coupons
    Electronic Coupons
    Items prohibited by law

    • Electronic coupons refers to Cellfire or King Sooper cards loaded to your account -they are redeemed electronically. I never have a prob with printed coupons :)

      • Thanks for piping in, Rachel! Sara, I wasn’t sure if you were referring to printable coupons as “digital”, but if that’s what you meant, then like Rachel said, they do actually double the printable coupons!

  6. anyone having trouble with coupons not scanning at the register? when they have to manually enter them they wont double them.

    • I haven’t had any issues. Are they printing clearly? I know there are a lot of issues if they aren’t printed well or are printed in “draft” mode or something like that.