King Soopers Weekly: Good Deals on Cascadian Farm Cereal, P&G Products, and More

As usual, there’s not too much to write home about as far as grocery sales the week before Thanksgiving, but King Soopers has some decent deals on P&G products, Cascadian Farm organic cereal, and a few more items.

The hams and turkeys aren’t rated on the usual scale of 1 to 5 – we’ll have a comparison post up tomorrow so you can see who has the best deal.

These deals are valid November 14-22, 2012. [rss-cut]

This List Has Expired
General Mills Sale: Buy 4, Get Free Milk
P&G Sale: Buy 4, Save $4
Meat, Dairy, and Frozen
General Grocery
Household and Personal Care

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  1. Is this the time of year to find deals for aluminum foil & parchment paper or will it be closer to Christmas?

    • I don’t remember any smoking-hot deals on either, unfortunately, but we can always hope! I agree with Kim, Safeway may just be the place that has the best deals.

      • I saw the small roll of Reynolds Wrap foil at dollar tree today. If u can locate a coupon with no size restrictions it would be cheap and possibly even free.

  2. It is close! I waited til Safeway put out coupons for foil last yr and pared it with a mf coupon and got them for cheap. Lets hope for a good sale soon!!

  3. I can find only one Duracell Battery coupon not two; am I just missing it? I also cannot locate the cool whip coupon.

  4. Pampers wipes are included in the P&G deal. Use $.50 off one pampers wipes from the P&G insert to get wipes FREE!!

    • Have you done the wipes deal yourself? Were they all free when you buy 4?


      • I did the wipes deal today in Denver- all 4 were free. Also found a great deal on some of the old spice deo/antiperspirant – they ended up being $.29/each after the P&G deal and $.50 coupons from the last p&g insert. YIPPI!

      • Yeah did it this morning!! What a deal.

        • Kim,

          Is it undadvertised? I went this morning to KS and just saw the sales price of $1.99 on the wipes….not showing as part of the bu 4 save $4… :(

          • Hi Mary, I would be willing to bet the Kings you went to maybe just did not have signage up yet. I went to the Kings in Parker and they had the signs up.

    • Kim, Which parker Kings do you go to? The Stroh Location or Lincoln one? Just curious because I often see your comments and wonder. I go to Stroh and many times they seem to have less deals then the Lincoln one. So just curious.

      • Shonna,
        Also on sale @ Lone Tree KS ( E-470 & Quebec). Picked up 4 packs this morning for FREE!! Good Luck!

      • Hi Shonna, I shop at both. I got the wipes at Stroh Ranch though. But they should both run the same sales unless your looking for clearance items.

  5. The Ocean Spray Cranberries are cheaper at Walmart. Our store has them marked for $1.98 ea! So you could just buy 1 package for $0.98!

  6. Does anyone know if the 11 oz bags of Starbucks coffee are still on sale from last week or do they know if it ended on tuesday?

  7. Kim thanks….yes I assumed they have the same sales but I specifically remember (I think it was you) the pepporonis from a few weeks back that were 10 for 10…couldn’t find them at stroh.

  8. Hi all, another freebie for you. Brut antipersperant and deoderant is 10 for $10 at Kings. Use $1.00 from todays paper and score these for free!

  9. I read on another website that someone had success with the $2.55 Cover Girl eyeshadow being included in the P & G sale at their Kroger, which made it only .05 after coupons. Can anyone in the Denver area verify this?

  10. Got this email from Kim earlier this week and didn’t have time to get it posted on the main site:

    I found some more freebies to post. Blistex is on sale 10 for $10 at Kings. Use $.55 off of one medicated, moisture beads etc…. And they are free!! Also Carefree panty liners are $1.00. Use $.50 off one Carefree product at Kings and they will be free!!