King Soopers: Save $3 Off A Purchase of $50+

Thanks to Jackie for this hot King Soopers tip: you can load a digital coupon for $3 off your purchase of $50 or more right now!  I found it quickly by sorting by value and then going to page two.  The $50 purchase excludes alcohol, tobacco, fuel, and gift cards.

Go here to login to your King Soopers account and load the coupon.  Here’s the full list of this week’s King Soopers deals.


  1. I clicked on your link and searched through digital coupons, but I cannot find the coupon.

    • Maybe try sorting by “Most Recent”. Not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up. :/ Like XenaWP, I too had a picture of a black grocery bag as the image.

  2. I found it! It has a picture of a black grocery bag as the image

  3. I added this coupon but when I went to the store today it did not apply itself to my purchase. I took my print out of my KS card coupons and got a cash refund from the customer service desk. I’ve had a lot of instances lately where my card coupons aren’t always applied to my purchase. Make sure you double check the screen and bring a print out to back it up!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t get this coupon either, searched a variety of ways. I did, however, have $2 off of $5 produce purchase

  5. I had a $55 purchase and my $3 coupon didn’t work either. The two $1 coupons from the balloon pop game did. I’ll need to go back and ask the front desk the next time I’m there. But like the Warrior Princess said – check while you’re there! :)