Old House Journal Magazine $3.99/Year, Friday Only

Today only, you can subscribe to Old House Journal magazine for $3.99 per year – just go here and use coupon code OLDHOUSE02 to get this price through Tanga. You can purchase up to three years at this price, and the subscription is not subject to auto-renewal.

Here’s more about this magazine from the publisher:

Old-House Journal is written for people who are passionate about restoring, renovating, decorating and maintaining America’s wealth of old homes in a manner faithful to their architectural heritage. Its readers look to the magazine for authoritative background on homes of all architectural styles—from the earliest, Colonial-era houses, to Queen Annes and Craftsmans, to houses built in the mid- to late-1950s (anything 50 years or older is covered). OHJ is published 6 times a year, and gives readers the education, resources, tips, and inspiration to tackle and enjoy every step of the restoration process. OHJ’s readers look forward to a mix of topics in each issue, from historical overviews, expert how-to’s, and first-person restorer experiences, to technical articles offering a wealth of background and advice, to product reviews. Whether restoring an old house is a dream or a reality, many OHJ readers hold on to each issue to refer to again and again.

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