Reader Request: Authentic Italian Bakery in Colorado

Erin writes:

I am originally from New York and crave the Italian bakeries from back home. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Italian bakery in the Springs or even in Denver? I have seen a few Hispanic and German bakeries here in the Springs, but nothing that fit the bill. I am looking for good semolina loaves with sesame seeds, hard rolls, pignoli cookies, and rainbow cookies. Thanks!

Can you recommend an authentic Italian bakery in Denver or Colorado Springs? Please comment on this post with your tips!


  1. Dolce Sicilia in Denver ( is the real deal! My grandfather was a baker from Sicily. I now send cookies from Dolce Sicilia to my dad because they’re so much like the ones my grandfather made. Don’t be deterred by their humble storefront. They are located across from a cemetery in a tiny strip mall. But, they have fantastic cookies, sfogliatelle, cannoli, and real panettone at the holidays. Just be careful to check their hours and days of operation before making the drive – last time I checked they were closed on Sundays.