Walgreens Weekly: Bottled Water for $1.99, 10 Items for Free, and More

If you can make it to Walgreens on Sunday, they have a great deal on bottled water! After Sunday it is still a pretty good deal, but a stock-up price on Sunday. :-)

Candy bars are just 25¢ after the Balance Reward points – check out the list of other filler items.

And, you can pick up 10 free medicine/supplement items with Register Rewards or rebates. I know that rebates can be a hassle, but if you do it online, you earn an additional 10% if you choose a Walgreens gift card rather than a check. That makes these items moneymakers!

Be sure to read “Walgreens Coupon Policy and FAQ” if you are a new Walgreens shopper, or even if you aren’t sure that you’re making the most of your shopping experiences!

These deals are valid February 3-9, 2013. [rss-cut]

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