Looking Back on Changes in Food Habits (Eat Well, Spend Less)

Last week, I posted about how my shopping/cooking/eating habits have changed over the past two years since I joined the Eat Well, Spend Less tribe.  Everyone else has written a similar post, and you’ll find the links below.  I think it’s fun to look at how people’s habits, standards, and goals have changed over the years – it’s reassuring to know that even the ones that you look up to haven’t “arrived” yet, either!

  • Shaina from Food for My Family shares how she’s realized she needs to get back to basics with her kids and how important avoiding certain foods is for one of her children’s health.  Click here to read it.
  • Mandi from Easy Homemade talks about how pregnancy has forced her to let go of guilt over food choices and just get the family fed!  Read it here.
  • Katie from Kitchen Stewardship had a big jump in her food budget last year, but knows where it went.  Find out how much she’s spending and where she’s spending it here.
  • Jessica from Life As Mom shares her key tips for eating well and spending less, and talks about how using a CSA has changed the way she cooks and shops.  Click here to read her update.
  • Amy from Kingdom First Mom has gone through some dramatic food changes with her family, but still has a great perspective on doing what works, even if that means occasionally buying “junk” from the grocery store.  Read her post here.
  • Aimee from Simple Bites shares twelve ways to help you eat well and spend less – and a recipe for buttermilk salad dressing.  Making your own dressings are a huge way to eat well and spend less!  Click here for her tips.