Free Bowling for Kids At 10 Participating Bowling Alleys

As in previous years, kids can get two free games of bowling every week when you register them at Kids Bowl Free.  There are ten participating bowling alleys in the Denver and north Colorado area.  The bowling is completely free but you will have to either bring your own shoes or pay a few dollars to rent some at the alley.

The website will email you the coupons for each week on Sunday – the coupons are for a specific bowling alley and date, so you will need to make sure you print the right coupons for the week.  It looks like you can sign up for multiple bowling alleys if you want; read more on that here.

There’s more free bowling, cheap movies, and much more summer fun going on – click here to visit our summer fun page, which is going to be updated constantly over the next few weeks as the annual summer deals are announced!