Tips For Entertaining and Parties On A Budget

We went to a barbecue at some friends’ house over the weekend and it was delightful.  The host and hostess cooked burgers and hot dogs for everyone, and had the guests sign up to bring buns, side dishes, and desserts.  Everyone relaxed, and the hostess wasn’t running around trying to put the last minute touches on everything.

I am usually the complete opposite when we have guests.  I love to cook, and I love to show people love by giving them good food (and a lot of it), but it usually means that I am cooking for a day and a half ahead of time and am still rushed when they are arriving.  I like to think that I’m being generous when I cook everything and decline my guests’ offers to bring something, but I think that when they see me rushing around, they might not be experiencing the relaxed feeling that I’m trying to create for them.

So, I learned something this weekend.  Next time we have guests, I’ll cook the meat and ask people to bring the sides, and I think we’ll all have a better time than we would if I tried to do everything myself.  (But I’m still reserving that right! ;)


The Eat Well, Spend Less group focused on parties and entertaining this month:

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  1. Kelley G. says:

    This is what I am doing this upcoming Saturday. I invited my Church over for a cook-out and we put in the bulletin that burgers and hot dogs will be provided and to bring a side dish. That way I can make more if I want but don’t have to feel like I need to provide everything. Of course our Church has these kind of get together fairly often so we all kinda know the drill :)

    • Yep, I think it would be so much easier to host a large gathering with that strategy! And like you said, you can make more if you WANT to! :)