Albertsons Weekly: Great Deals on Pork, Beef, and Chicken + More

Albertsons has great prices on quite a few different cuts of meat this week, plus eggs for $1.18 (why does that have to be a pretty good price?!) and butter for $1.88.

These deals are valid October 16-22, 2013. [rss-cut]

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Meat, Dairy, and Frozen
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  1. Do we need any kind of in-ad coupon for the Blue Bell ice cream? It seems like the last time they had this sale, you needed TWO of their in-ad coupons as well as two of the printed coupons.

  2. If people haven’t used the $0.35 off Duncan Hines printable yet, it would make for a great deal with the cake mixes!

  3. What’s your opinion on Pork Shoulder vs Pork Loin? The Pork Shoulder is cheaper at King Soopers this week than the Pork Loin at Albertsons, but is the Pork Loin a far superior cut of meat?

    • I’m not a huge fan of pork loin – too hard to cook it without drying out, since there is so little fat. I much prefer the pork shoulder, slow-cooked, but they are totally different cuts of meat so I don’t know if you can really compare them. Pork shoulder would usually be shredded, while pork loin would likely be sliced.

      • Thanks! Can you tell I’m not a real experienced cook? ;)

        • Hey, asking and experimenting are two of the best ways to learn! :) My favorite way to make pork shoulder is to make carnitas – this recipe by Cook’s Illustrated is super easy and incredibly moist and flavorful. I always have to cook the liquid for MUCH longer than they list to get it to a nice thick consistency, but it’s my favorite thing for pork roast these days.