Daily Chatter: 1/6/13

Our whole family went sledding on our hill yesterday, and I have to tell you that I love that our kids are getting big enough that we can do stuff like that together now. (OK, so the almost-two year old probably wouldn’t declare it her favorite activity but at least she didn’t cry the whole time.) Sledding is actually quite fun even for the ol’ mom! However, my kids are always getting snow up their arms and I want to find a shirt that has fingerless mittens or something on the end of the sleeves, because we can’t ever keep their regular mittens tucked into their coat sleeves. Or do they make some sort of glove/mitten liners that go up to your elbow (for kids)? I looked online a bit, but couldn’t find anything, so maybe I am looking for something that doesn’t exist. Please comment if you know of anything like that!

Speaking of fingerless mittens, I got this pair at Target on clearance last week:

fingerless mittens from Target

I love them! I’m so much more likely to wear them than gloves since I can still use my fingers. And they are nice and long so they go past my wrist quite a bit – when I wear regular gloves my wrists end up getting cold, so I’d rather wear these and have cold fingertips but still be able to use them. I’m now definitely a fan of the fingerless mitten.

smitten kitchen cookbook

In December, I decided I wanted to cook all the way through a cookbook, so I picked one out, received it for Christmas, and started cooking from it on New Year’s Eve. The book is The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman and I’m really enjoying it so far. I have no goal as far as timeframe so it could take me four months or all year. (I suppose my goal is to have it done by the end of 2014, but I don’t anticipate it taking me all year.)

So far, I’ve had a few hits and a few that were “eh” but that I’ll do again with some adaptions. The only thing I’ve been disappointed in so far is that I don’t think the book’s directions are very well edited; there are a lot of what I would consider incomplete instructions (for instance, I don’t think it’s good to say to cook something for a certain amount of time without telling the reader what should happen to the food during that time.) Oh, and telling people to mix bread dough in their stand mixer outfitted with a paddle instead of a dough hook is just a bad idea, as is evidenced by the number of people who have broken their Kitchen Aids with the recipe. So, I’m not learning a lot technically from it and I can’t give the author’s instructions the benefit of the doubt anymore, but my main goal was to force myself to try new ingredients and get out of a rut and it’s doing that, so I’m happy.


  1. So I got an email from safeway ,it tells me I saved 542 dollars on just for you last year…..that is a low ball number if I say so myself….anyone else get this…and do you feel it was accurate.?

  2. I made “monkey sleeves” last year for my 7 yo daughter. I used a cute pair of girls knee high socks, and cut them off just above the heel and then cut a hole in the side for her thumb. I had to stitch above and below the thumb hole so it wouldn’t run. The socks came up past her elbows and filled in the gap between her coat sleeves and her mittens while skiing, sledding and just playing in the snow. She LOVED them!

  3. I also am working my way through The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook this year! I’ve always wanted to “master” a cookbook before and this was the first one that had enough variety and “I want to try that!” so I’ve jumped right in! Good luck with all of your recipes! :)

    • Oh how fun! Well, we will have to keep each other updated on our progress! I agree, I picked the Smitten Kitchen one because it had enough variety to keep it interesting – I’d really like to do one of Alton Brown’s to learn some technical stuff, but his didn’t seem to have enough variety to keep me going through the whole book.

      • I liked the variety of Smitten Kitchen as well. As much as I love desserts, I don’t need an excuse to make more. :) Alton Brown is a great choice too! I’m excited to get to see him LIVE in February!!

  4. My kids Land’s End coats have built in fleece wrist warmers that slip over the thumb. Then you put your gloves on over them. They tuck in very easily when you don’t want to slip your thumb in. Sewn in so you don’t loose them. I buy their coats off season for more than 50% off. Check them out!

    • Those sound great! My two older kids are going to need new coats soon so I need to keep my eyes open for Land’s End sales. I did see that they did 50% off the other day and I hadn’t realized at that point that I was going to need new coats soon.