Random Chatter: 1/16/14

My latest “best styling method ever” for curly hair is to use regular old conditioner and not rinse it out. One of my sisters told me that it what she does and I tried it after I noticed that the back of the bottle I had (Herbal Essences) didn’t even say to rinse it out! I put it in dry hair, in the morning, and I think my sister puts it in wet hair. But I always put styling product, whether mousse or gel or whatever, into dry hair because otherwise my hair dries really flat. Putting conditioner into dry hair gives me more volume that I have ever gotten with a true “styler” and it does not flake! I’m sure I’ll find another best-ever method in another six months but that’s what I’m loving right now. :)

photo 1

Well, let me tell you that if you are a kid and want to protest the start of the school day, you should probably spell “school” correctly on your protest sign.

photo 2

I canned something for the first time ever this week! This was about 75% motivated by vanity, because a friend gave me a jar of her homemade strawberry jam for Christmas and it looked so nice sitting on my shelf that I got motivated to can something. I know – lame, but true. I’m going to consider it a combination of cooking and crafting, OK? I don’t like to craft pretty things for my house but I like to make my food pretty. ;)

There’s obviously not a lot of fruit in season right now, but I stocked up on cranberries for $1.00 and decided to can some Spicy Cranberry Chutney (adapted a bit from this recipe) that we like to use with Swedish Meatballs (this recipe). I figured it would be nice to have some ready-to-eat, since if I’m in a rush, making the cranberry sauce is the first thing to go. (I also make Swedish Pickled Cucumbers (recipe) to go with Swedish Meatballs – delicious and so not cafeteria food!)

So canning was pretty easy, in theory, but I have no idea if I did it right. The jars are sealed properly so I guess we’ll see!

Well, the other night I was cooking supper and decided to make Apple Cider Caramels from the cookbook I’m cooking through this year. All went well – though I couldn’t figure out why it made less than last time – until I was cleaning up the kitchen and found a stick of butter buried under a pile of dirty dishes. Yes, I somehow forgot that the recipe requires a whole stick of butter so I invented low-fat caramel sauce. It still tastes great, but it’s suuuuuper chewy and we have to eat it like this:

caramel without butter

Since it doesn’t have the butter fat in it to firm it up, it still conforms to the shape of whatever you have it in, so if you take a bite off the corner and put it back in the container, your teeth marks will disappear in a few hours. It’s still tasty even if it doesn’t make a good gift for the neighbors as I’d originally planned. :) I should probably keep candy making and supper making separate, I suppose.


  1. It may not look so cute, but I think it’s easier to put the labels on the lids, since you discard the lids but reuse the jars.

    • Good point. My labels are NOT sticking well at all, so I may just do that in the future. On the little half-pint jars I used, the label takes up so much of the room that you can’t see the color of the food, which is part of why I did it! :)

  2. I have curly hair too and wonder if the conditioner in your dry hair leaves your hair hard or crunchy. I have found one curl spray I really like, from Avon/Mark Curl to Curl, but it’s really expensive, so I only use it on special occasions.

    • It’s actually pretty soft – much softer than a gel. I’d say it’s maybe the texture of mousse, but holds better IMO.

  3. Mel Stevens says:

    Girls, try the pro naturals hair repair shampoo and conditioner, you’ll fall in love with them, trust me!!!