Random Chatter: 1/27/14

This past weekend I went to the MomHeart Conference in Denver with a friend.  It was an encouraging conference and left me excited to go home to be with my kids and husband – which was a great feeling!  (I stopped going to blog conferences because I always came home feeling like I wanted to be by myself for a week!)  It was good to get away for a night and of course Jeremy always appreciates me even more than usual after he’s had all the kids alone for more than a few hours. ;)  I love to tell the story of how the first time he was overnight with the kids for a couple of nights, when I got home, he told me we needed to get life insurance on me because he would have to hire a nanny, cook, and maid if something ever happened to me! :)

I felt old this weekend, though, when I kept seeing moms that looked so very young and thinking that they were way too young to have kids.  This is supposed to be a conference for moms, people, not kids who are just out of high school!  But I don’t think it’s they that were young; it’s me that’s old!  I’m only 29 but I say my adjusted age is about 40 because most 29-year-olds don’t have five kids. ;)

Does anyone else ever wonder what happens to the merchandise that gets printed for what ends up to be the losing team in a championship? Stores start selling “Superbowl Champion” merchandise, branded with a team name, as soon as the game is over, so obviously there is merchandise that gets produced for the losing team that they have to do something with. Does it get destroyed? Do they ship it off to a foreign country? I am perplexed by this every time I watch any sort of a championship game.

I got a couple of casual dresses at Banana Republic recently and have been loving them, except that they are dry-clean only.  I haven’t had them dry-cleaned yet but really need to, and I’m wondering if some of you might know if there’s a reason I couldn’t hand-wash a dress that’s a mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex?  Will it get really wrinkled and I won’t be able to iron it?  It’s a very heavyweight fabric, if that makes a difference.  I’m just not sure why it would be dry-clean only with those fabrics.


  1. Check out Continental Cleaners – there are several around town – I think they’re independantly owned though. They do dry cleaning at the one near me for $2.50/item and laundry for $1.75/item – best price in town. I wouldn’t take anything really delicate with beading, etc., but they do a good job on jackets, sweaters, dresses, etc…

    • Oh, $2.50 isn’t too bad! I think my main hesitation is that I hate the hassle of having to drop them off and pick them up but it’s better than ruining the dresses. I probably wouldn’t even dry-clean them very often, except that these are dresses that are casual enough to wear at home (OK, so I like feeling like June Cleaver!) and I also wear them to church, so they get worn quite a bit.

  2. Kelley G. says:

    I admit I googled it. They give the losing teams merchandise to a organization called WorldVision who hands it out to impoverished countries. I thought I had heard this in the past but wasn’t sure if it was true, but I guess it is.

  3. I agree with using Continental Cleaners. I’ve used them for many years and never had a problem.

  4. When I used to have to dress up more, I used Dryel, which is a steam cleaning system to use at home in your own dryer. Check out http://www.dryel.com for more information.