Changes at Denver Bargains

Hello, Denver Bargains readers!  In December, my husband and I decided to scale back Colorado Bargains and have me focus more time on marketing and client services for my husband’s real estate business.  I am super excited about this and have really been enjoying my “new” position for the past few months, but the time has come for the actual scaling back of Colorado Bargains so I need to inform you that as of today, Denver Bargains will no longer be regularly updated.

However, if you like the types of deals we post, you can find many of the same ones over on my original site, Springs Bargains, which I am continuing to maintain and constantly update.  I will continue to post the weekly grocery store deals for Albertsons, King Soopers, Safeway, and Sprouts on Springs Bargains, so you can head over there to see all the coupon matchups, sales, and ratings as you are used to seeing on Denver Bargains.

The archives of Denver Bargains will continue to be available for the time being, so you can search the archives if there’s a post from the past that you’d like to read again.  I hope to “see” you over at Springs Bargains soon!