Whole Foods Coupon Policy

The biggest question about using coupons at Whole Foods is this: can I use a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item?

There’s no official policy, and it varies by store, so we’ve contacted all of the Denver-area Whole Foods stores to see what they said regarding their store policy.  Here’s what we’ve found out so far – more stores coming soon!

Note that since there is no official policy, stores may change their particular policy at any time.  Sometimes it varies based on the cashier or manager on duty.

Colorado Blvd Location (870 S. Colorado Blvd in Glendale)

I received two different responses from this store, both seeming to communicate a different policy!

We do allow people to use a whole deal (one of the printable coupons from our website) and a vendor coupon.  What you can’t do use multiple of the same coupon on a single product. – from Sharon, Marketing and Community Relations

For both manufactures coupons and coupons from our website you can only use one coupon per product.  If you do buy more than one item you can use a coupon for each item.  We work very hard at keeping the coupons that are available on our website hung in front of the products in our store and always have additional Whole Deal magazines which contain those same coupons.  If you ever have trouble locating one don’t hesitate to ask one of your Team Members and we will be glad to help. – from Tom, Associate Team Leader

Capitol Hill Location (900 East 11th Avenue in Denver)

As long as it scans and the coupon is in date we would accept both coupons.  – from Roy

Washington Park Location (1111 S. Washington St in Denver)

I just spoke with our front end team leader and he informed yes indeed we can take manufacturers coupons with in store coupons. – from Tony, Store Team Leader

South Glenn Location (6853 South York Street in Centennial)

Unfortunately we do not combine coupons for specific products! We don’t often have store coupons for specific items and the Whole Deal coupons are actually manufacturer coupons. – from Dani, Team Leader

Westminster Location (9229 N. Sheridan Blvd in Westminster)

Our coupon policy is to follow the disclaimers listed on the coupon itself.  As long as none of the coupons state that it cannot be used with another offer, we can honor both coupons.  Additionally, the coupon must be present and valid (e.g. not expired, for the correct product) at the time of purchase. – from Dana, Associate Team Leader

Colfax Location (14357 W. Colfax Avenue in Lakewood)

We will honor manufacturer’s coupons, of course, as well as discounts published in our Whole Deal promo flyer – unfortunately, not both at the same time. – from Denise Associate Team Leader